SpicagenMod BETA5.7 for Samsung Galaxy Spica is released

Very fast update from vokuv ;-) after released SGM version 5.5 and 5.6 now vokuv release SpicagenMod BETA5.7  in this week.

New in BETA5.7
* added "VOKU"-kernel v2.7 as default
* updated some Apps (Browser, Phone, DownloadProvider)
* updated WebKit (github.com/voku/android_external_webkit)
* updated "SpicaTweak Lite" v1.6 (voku1987)
  - edit I/O-Tweaks
  - removed zipalign-Tweaks

* added "VOKU"-kernel v2.6 (24bpp) as default
* updated some Apps (Browser, Gallery3D)
* updated SQLite (github.com/voku/android_external_sqlite)
* added framework-features from milaq [froyo] (github.com/milaq/android_frameworks_base)
  - keep apps in memory (e.g.: echo "sys.keep_app_2=com.whatsapp" >> /system/build.prop;)
  - revert screenshot option to power menu
  - improved widget scrolling speed
* updated "SpicaTweak Lite" (voku1987)
  - removed extra CPU-settings for Apps

Download Here

But it have bug when we use CM recovery, screen will split with 4. I upgraded kernel with Yonip final Rev 4 24Bpp CM recovery screen is fix :-). Now My Samsung Spica so far so good thanx vokuv ;-)

SpicagenMod 5.5 for Samsung Galaxy Spica is released

SpicagenMod 5.5

SpicagenMod 5.5 for Samsung Galaxy Spica is released. It devlop by Voku1987 ;-)

* added “VOKU”-kernel v1.7A with default touch driver” (16bpp) as default
* updated “block advertising” [hosts] (voku1987)
* updated some Apps (Google Maps, k-9 Mail)
* fixed FC from Seach-App
* fixed “su”-problem
* updated “Skia Graphics Engine” (github.com/voku/android_external_skia)
* updated Bionic-lib (github.com/voku/android_bionic)
* added framework-features from milaq [froyo] (github.com/milaq/android_frameworks_base)
- separate media volume when headset is plugged in
- don’t start gmaps network location service, if gmaps main isn’t running
- add screenshot option to power menu [need testing]
* updated “SpicaTweak Lite” v1.5 (voku1987)
- more I/O-Tweaks
- optimize SQLite databases from apps
- zipalign-Tweaks
- Firewall-Tweaks [need testing]

Download Now 94Mb

SpicagenMod BETA5.1

This is new samsung galaxy spica  i5700  to update android froyo 2.2.3 by voku ( Mod+X => SpicagenMod BETA5)
 New update :

  1. Added "VOKU"-kerupadnel v1.7A with default touch driver" (24bpp) as default
  2. Updated DalvikVM (github.com/voku/android_dalvik)
  3. Updated SQLite (github.com/voku/android_external_sqlite)
  4. Updated "Skia Graphics Engine" (github.com/voku/android_external_skia)

for download zip file here an how to install

CyanogenMod-6.1.1-Spica-alpha8.4 for Samsung GTi5700 spica

CyanogenMod-6.1.1-Spica-alpha8.4 base with android 2.2 froyo for samsung Galaxy Spica”GTi5700″

changelog in alpha8.4:
1. Updated GoogleApps (20110301)
1. new sensor drivers from cadavre
2. frameworks fixes from cadavre
3. 2d/3d drivers from intercept
4. Camera B/W fix [vflashbirdv]
5. OpenVPN fixes [cadavre]

Download here
Mirror here via mediafire


Samsung GT-i5700 (Spica) games compatible

This is list of the compatible games can play with samsung GT-i5700 galaxy spica :

Angry birds season – Full speed, very smooth, no any lags, full playable (patch version).
Cell War – very smooth, but some G-sensor lags, playable.
Minigore – very smooth, any lags, full playable.
Homerun – very smooth, any lags, full playable.
HyperSpace – very smooth 40+fps, any lags, full playable
HyperJump – Full Speed, 40+ fps, any lags, full playable.
Imposible game – very – very smooth 60+ fps, but unplayable – very faster then normal speed. Playable at min CPU clock)
SpeedEX – Full speed, 40+ fps.
Toyshop Adventuress – A little slow, 18-22 fps, but playable.
Pocket Legend- very smooth, full playable.
ScooterHero – full speed, full playable.
Armored Strike – very smooth, full playable/
Slice It – full speed, full playable.
Mix moto – Full speed, 60+ fps, playable but a little faster then normal speed.
MiniSquadron Lite – full speed, full playable.
NinJump – full speed, full playable.
Abduction 2 – not so smooth, but playable.
Gloomy Dungeons – smooth 25+fps, playable.
Ninja Kaka – smooth 25+fps, playable.
Soccer Supperstars – full speed, playable.
Pocket gods – full speed, full playable.
Squibble – full speed, full playable.
Space physics – full speed
Shoot u! – full speed
Papastacker – full speed
Heavy gunner – some laggy, but playable
Caligo chaser – full speed
Zenonia – full speed
Gunz n glory – full speed
Blow up- full speed
Burning tires – playable, some control issue, a bit slow fps.
Gt Racing Motor Academy – laggy, slow fps, but blayable
Pocket Legend – smoothly, but some laggy at crowded places
Evac Lite – playable.

Source : forum.samdroid.com